David’s testament

A personal testament from one of our dedicated volunteers

“As a volunteer I see the joy in many of the dogs when a human hand is extended to them, Some of them were pets before and probably abandoned and they need attention. With all the hot sweaty work that we do, the true reward is in the faces of the animals when they can “escape” for 10 or 15 minutes and spend time with you. Also, feeding time is a riot as that is also their favorite time of day. I´ve also seen the progress that is made with a dog that comes in and tagged as “aggressive” and someone like Ryan makes a daily effort to win that dog´s trust. Ryan is our “pit bull whisperer”. Please try to join us. The summer sees fewer and fewer volunteers and that means our days get longer and longer with fewer hands. There are usually arranged pickups at Costco on Wed. and Sat. a.m. and the #RO3 bus, Rte B, goes within three blocks of Centro de Acopio”