How to help for Canadians

We are pleased to be able to fly some dogs out of Puerto Vallarta and into Alberta, Victoria or Vancouver where they are placed into foster care while awaiting the process of finding their forever home.

How can you help?

We are in need of foster families in the Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary areas. Please complete our online Foster Application Form or email Kim at for more information.

We rely on travellers to Puerto Vallarta to escort our dogs out on their flight home to BC or Alberta. The process is very simple, and we do all the necessary paper work. A volunteer will meet you at the airport check in line and another meets you on the Canadian side to pick up the dog. Please contact to be an air angel!

Read the testament below from one of our air angels about how easy we make the process for you!

I headed to Puerta Vallarta as party of wedding party in April of this year; I volunteer with a local Calgary Rescue and had seen many dogs come into our care via  Friends of PV Animal partnership so was excited that I might be able to tack on a bit of rescue-goodness onto the end of a great holiday! I contacted our transport coordinator Danielle a couple of weeks before I left and shared my flight info and she got to work connecting me with Kim from FPVA. I simply drank mimosas by the pool while they went about gathering the paper work and coordinating details with fosters.

When everything was good to go, I got an email confirming the day-of plans: the foster would meet me at my gate 2 hours before departure with the dog, paper work and supplies (like crate). I also received helpful info about what to expect from customs/officials on both ends and lots of contact info in case there were any issues. True to form, I was met at my gate right on time by the most wonderful foster mama EVER, accompanied by a sweet, chubby little dude named Kahlua.

She helped me fill in the few forms needed to load little Kahlua onto the plane and walked me through the papers I would need for Canadian customs; then she said a tearful goodbye to little Kahlua (the hardest part of the experience by far!) and we were off! Once on Canadian soil, I referred to my extremely informative printed info sheet to ensure that my declaration card was filled in correctly and picked up Kahlua at the oversized baggage claim. We passed through secondary inspection with no problems at all (even though the inspector was inexperienced, all of the paper work was in such great order that things went quickly) and then Kahlua was whisked to the rescue by a very lovely volunteer who greeted us upon arrival.

I really couldn’t have been more relieved that the process was so smooth and was so little inconvenience to myself and my family and more importantly, that little Kahlua gets the opportunity to experience a furever home that will love him as he deserves. It truly showed that FPVA not only has a great grasp on how to effectively transport animals but also that the animals in their care are loved and taken care of well in advance of travelling to Canada. I would whole-heartedly recommend being an escort for them and will absolutely be volunteering again the next time I am in Mexico!

A huge thank you to the coordinators on both sides as well as to the fosters and volunteers; it was a pleasure to be able to help in this small part. -Kaity